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Have you noticed that cats seem to get a bad rap these days? We have, and it seems pretty unfair to us. Cats are interesting, unique, and they make great companions, and we want to give them the credit they deserve. So here are a few reasons that cats are completely underrated.

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Physiologically, cats are more unique than you probably realized. For instance, did you know that cats don’t meow to communicate with each other? It’s true! Cats only meow to communicate with humans (and with their mothers when they are kittens). Some researchers also believe that cats can heal their own bodies by purring.

Culturally, cats have a long history of being regarded as dominant. A female cat is even called a queen. Felines were worshiped in Ancient Egypt, and the animals were so respected that when a person’s house cat passed away, the owner would shave their own eyebrows to reflect their grief

Cats even have their own genre of music. You read that right- researchers have developed music that is designed specifically to soothe and energize your feline friend. The beat of this music matches the range of a cat’s heartbeat (rather than the human range that most of your favorite tunes are set to), and the tones are specific to a cat’s ears. Don’t believe us? Check out their website:!

Cats are also great because they typically don’t make a mess in the house, but accidents do happen. Don’t let the fear of cat accidents keep you from loving your kitty. J&G Chem-Dry’s Pet Urine Removal Treatment will remove Vancouver pet accidents and their odors at the source, so you won’t have to worry about them again.