Planning Valentine's Day? Here are the most important three tips.
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Many people find it stressful finding the “right” thing to do for Valentine’s Day, only to arrive at the conclusion of buying chocolates and calling it good. Now although love isn’t all about grandeur and big planning, a little effort and meaning can do a great deal for a relationship. Here are three tips for deciding what to do on Valentine’s Day, as well as three carpet cleaning tips for after the romantic day is over:

Tip 1: Get OUT!

Sometimes you get so caught up in your day-to-day life you forget about all the great things happening around you. Before you get caught up in the idea that there is nothing new and exciting to do for Valentine’s Day, stop. A quick internet search can help you find new community events as well as fine dining, and fun date ideas that are local. If nothing sparks your interest, consider taking the fun into your own hands. Go on a romantic walk to buy some flowers, play a projector outside and make your own movie drive-in, or consider finding a service opportunity. Whatever your choice is, it’s refreshing to step outside of the office and home to do something with your loved one.

Tip 2: Stay IN!

The other option besides getting out is to stay in. Maybe the idea of going outside is too much of a hassle or perhaps you’d prefer to keep the date at home. Whatever it is the key to a good at-home valentine’s day is to make it original. Depending on the person, don’t cop out with the usual streaming services and chilling on a couch. Make a fancy candlelit dinner, watch a rom-com and have chocolate fondue. Even the effort of handwriting a love letter can never be overstated. You want to make the occasion special compared to the usual weekend.

Tip 3: Make it personal

Making an event or gift personalized is what makes it special. Getting to know your loved one’s interests and hobbies is essential to making Valentine’s Day one of a kind. Consider doing a hobby that your partner enjoys, or spending time personalizing a gift. Whatever it may be, make sure to put in that extra effort to show you care.

Cleaning Tips

Now that you’re all prepped for the big day, it’s always nice to be aware that a special day can bring special accidents. Whatever your circumstance, here are some quick basic tips for cleaning up Valentine’s Day spills including wine and chocolate.

Tip 1: What to do if red wine got on the carpet

So you’ve spilled your red wine on your new carpet? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Use a white cloth to blot up as much of the stain as possible. DO NOT SCRUB
  2. After dabbing the stain, pour some cold water on the stain, continue blotting until no more stain can come out
  3. Mix a three to one ratio of water to baking soda. Apply it to the stained area. Once the stain is dry, vacuum the leftover residue

Tip 2: Chocolate Spills

  1. If the chocolate has dried, use a butter knife to scrape off as much of the chocolate stain as you can.
  2. Using a white cloth, apply carpet stain remover to try and lift the stain
  3. If stain is still visible, take ¼ teaspoon of white detergent and mix it with one cup of water, then pour the mixture onto the stain
  4. Blot the stained carpet working from the outside in, this prevents you from accidentally spreading the stain further.
  5. Allow the area to dry and the stain should disappear

Tip 3: Contact an expert

Sometimes you encounter a stain or problem that you don’t feel comfortable cleaning. Or maybe that new puppy you got for your loved one had an accident. Your local J&G Chem-Dry experts are here to help you clean even the most brutal stains.Call your Chem-Dry experts at 360-256-9896 to get a free consultation. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!